• What is a business strategy and brand management consultancy? Good question.

    Simply put, we help companies excel. We’re a strategic ally for the c-suite that count on us to apply the right combination of insights, ideas and inspiration to deliver better paths to growth.

    We accomplish this by focusing our considerable energies and talents on creating — and sustaining — differentiation and relevance of our clients’ businesses and brands. Our proprietary methodology merges the science and discipline of political communication with target audience research, business strategy, customer experience design, management consulting and performance improvement practices.

    Brightline Strategies. Where Insight Meets Bottom Line Impact.

  • A “Brightline Test” is a clearly defined rule or standard (generally used in law), composed of objective factors, which leave little or no room for varying interpretation. When applied, its purpose is to produce predictable and consistent results.

    That is the promise we make to every client.

    We leverage deep audience insights, disciplined strategic thinking and unencumbered creativity to drive specific, measurable, predictable and, most importantly, desired CHANGE.

    We help make your brand your company’s “Brightline.”

  • Brightline formed in late-1998 at a time when new technologies were bringing people together as never before. Fast-forward 17 years. Today, the current of information is endless — and, the more it continues, the more fragmented and desensitized audiences become.

    So the big question is this: how do you connect with customers who are always connected?

    It starts with distilling the essence of what is important to them — finding the core insight that compels customers to connect with you. It’s a process born from the science and discipline of political communications — the legacy of Brightline’s founders — designed to exploit the collective power of audience motivations, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors and then relentlessly focus on the underlying triggers that cause customers to consider, choose, and consistently buy.

    Just like assembling a winning election-day coalition, we look beyond what is inherent in your market to find inspiration from outside it — drawing insights from unexpected sources to open new doors. What can an international mining company learn from a sports network? How can a non-profit inspire a commercial real estate company?

    It’s all about the connections we see and how we help you bring it together. After all, it’s how we built Brightline. What can commercial enterprise learn from the art and science of political communication?

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    Brightline is a team of skilled professionals. Our players bring a unique combination of skills and experiences to the game.

    While we thrive on this diversity, more relevant is that every client benefits from this cross-pollination of lessons learned and results achieved.

  • At Brightline Strategies, we don’t have a “within these walls only” view of the world. Our Affiliate Network engages the brightest minds to overcome our clients’ toughest challenges.

    This approach makes us highly adaptable and provides an alternative to high-overhead and bureaucratic agencies. Our affiliate network is a collection of independently-owned specialty communications and business consulting companies.

    • STRATEGY It’s knowing how to get there —
      not just knowing where to go
    • BRANDING It’s about impact —
      not just inspiration
    • MESSAGING It’s how you say it —
      not just what you say — that says a lot
    • CREATIVE It’s your vibe —
      not just your voice

    It’s about data —
    not guesswork

  • Research

    It’s about data — not guesswork

    “Know your audience.” Everyone says it, but few truly know how to do it. And, we should know, we cut our teeth in the most competitive arena there is — the political one — where one-day sales are the difference between being “in” or “out” of business.

    Sound business strategies are always rooted in facts — about your market, your customers and your organization. Based on the science and discipline of political research, we've spent years defining and refining proprietary, predictive methodologies that get us to heart and soul of your audiences — their perceptions, wants, needs, motivations and expectations.

    Once defined, we then turn our unbiased eye inward — studying your organization to discover — and illuminate — the real value of what you do and how you deliver it.


    It’s knowing how to get there — not just where you want to go

    At the intersection of what you do and deliver, the customers you serve and what they value, lives the code of your business strategy — the DNA of your brand. It’s something we help you discover, not manufacture. And, it’s what makes you, uniquely you.

    What do you stand for? How clear is your offer? Why should anyone care?

    Strategy helps you answer these questions and focus how your organization thinks, acts and communicates. It’s the why you do what you do and how you do it.

    Together, we articulate the future you seek and plan for how your organization will create it. Define the promise you make and express it in distinctive values and voice that give character to your organization, inspire your employees and compel your customers to connect with you.

  • branding

    It’s about impact — not just inspiration

    A brand is more than just a company logo or tagline. It is the articulation of your business strategy and how you bring it to life — and, it lives at the core of your organization. It’s the soul of who you are and the value you offer.

    It’s everything you stand for and everything you deliver — not just the tangibles that demonstrate how you fulfill your promise, but the intangibles, too. How you humanize your organization with a distinctive character, giving customers an experience that communicates something larger about your brand and its values. It’s your attitude. Your vibe. It rings loud and true in everything you do.

    Building a great brand does not happen by chance. It’s a purposeful endeavor that blends deep customer insights, disciplined, strategic thinking and unencumbered creativity. Similar to the process of scientific discovery, it starts with mapping key audiences and what motivates them to the attributes of your brand. Then it moves to acceleration, alignment, and activation — solutions and programs that build upon, and bring to life, your brand.

    The result is a strategy, story and experience that engages both customers and employees in meaningful, relevant ways; is elegantly simple, unexpectedly fresh and remarkably clear; and — most importantly — delivers to your bottom line.

  • messaging

    It’s how you say it — not just what you say — that says a lot

    Words have incredible power. What you say and how you say it—your messaging—says a lot about who you are and what you do. Messaging is one of the most powerful assets of your brand. It helps you communicate what you stand for in disciplined and differentiating ways.

    Each of your audiences has unique wants, needs, perspectives and motivations — and, your messaging must be capable of connecting with them in relevant, meaningful ways. We call it a layered identity and it’s a model built from our experience running successful political campaigns.

    Part art, part science and always grounded in strategy, we create messages that move people to action, connecting with different audiences on different terms based on what they value, the language they use and the outcomes they seek. And, then we test them to guarantee their impact.

    Like everything, the payoff comes with practice, so we develop easy-to-use messaging guides — showing what gets said to who, how, where, when and why. We also offer training to help your team develop and deliver content around the larger ideas that inspire everything you say and do.

  • Penetration and Preference

    How Often Do You Say, “We Need To Reach New Customers?”

    Driving market penetration and preference is not just about big ideas. It’s about delivering big outcomes for the audiences you serve — and, your business.

    The world beats no paths to the doors of better mousetraps.

    We believe customer insights unlock new paths to growth. Brands that are relevant to what customers are looking for and why they are looking for it drive preference and command premiums. Experiences that surprise and delight create customer loyalty and advocacy.

    We help you make the connections critical to long-term success — tying customer-led brand positioning to market penetration strategies that turn opportunities into wins for both you and your customers. It’s not just about targeting the right organizations, talking to the right people and saying the right things. It’s about getting more people calling you with different expectations and closing more of those opportunities.

  • Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy

    What’s A Surefire Way To Lose Customers? Treat Them Ordinarily.

    For a business to grow, customers have to be treated well. This means not just anticipating their needs but, also, exceeding their expectations on the things they value most. Ask yourself, what is the secret to today’s most successful companies? They don’t just deliver quality products and great service, they deliver a total experience that is engaging, expertly edited and executed, and leaves you feeling surprisingly satisfied.

    Customers experience your brand through multiple touchpoints. Some will go unnoticed, but others form defining moments that are most important in shaping the customer’s experience — the real and perceived value of your brand — based on what they value most.

    When you understand what your customers really want, you can make smart decisions around how you do what you do and improve their experience. By understanding what they expect and why, we not only help you organize around it, but consistently deliver it.


    Want to increase your company’s revenue? Of course you do.

    But, companies don’t drive growth — their customers do.

    We believe brands truly profit by having a long-term, sustainable strategy that creates clear business opportunities and compelling customer experiences.

    We focus on the underlying triggers that cause customers to consider, choose and consistently buy. It’s how we make businesses more relevant. Messaging more persuasive. Experiences more engaging. And brands more meaningful.


    Zero to Sixty in 90-days

    Do you know who your customers are, where they are and what matters to them?
    Do your customers know you and why you are relevant to them?
    Do your customers know you but for the wrong reason?

    Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

    What if you took the time to figure out who the customer is, where they are, what they care about, and why you are relevant to them? What if you could come out of the gate known not solely for the products and services you offer but, more importantly, for the needs you satisfy and the outcomes you enable? What might be different?

    We help discover your brand’s DNA; map it to the audiences you serve, where they are and how to reach them; and express it in ways that move customers to action on their own terms based on what they are looking for, why they are looking for it and how you best satisfy their wants, needs and expectations.

  • Alignment

    Staying Relevant as Customers and Companies Shift

    How do you turn a 20th century company into a 21st century business?

    Great brands are built to last. They optimize for today and plan for tomorrow. But your business environment changes constantly. Mergers, acquisitions, new product developments, greater organizational complexity and shifting priorities can all require an evaluation of your brand strategy.

    With so many competing forces at play it can be difficult to ensure your brand stays clear, consistent, credible and compelling. Brand alignment — the way all your entities, offerings and experiences present themselves to the world in relation to one another — is the foundation for sustainable business growth. It protects value, promotes unity and efficiency, and provides a lens for focusing the decision-making process. It’s how we balance speed to market with the need to be built to last.

    But, in today’s wired world, there is more to brand alignment than simply coordinating communication channels to hit people from as many directions as the media spend can afford. It’s not just about inventing ideas that mean something to customers and the outcomes they seek — it’s about the connections we find internally and externally; how your brand informs and influences everything your organization say and does; and how we help you bring it all together.

  • Activation

    Driving Demand, Premiums and Wallet Share

    If you’re like most businesses, you’re seeking to connect with customers who have an urgent need to solve the problems you can solve. Activation programs are about finding more of those opportunities and closing more of those you find. They’re about talking to the right people and saying the right things. They’re about translating sound strategy into compelling calls to action and meaningful experiences. And, success is always measured in efficacy — not size of effort or media spend.

    We do not believe in over-prescribing, nor are we fans of retrofitting. What we do to help bring your brand to life depends on what you want to achieve and by when. In political campaigns, you learn early that time, money and people are finite resources. So, we’re big believers in putting every asset to its best and highest use and limiting both time and investment to that which is necessary to achieve your desired results.

    We draw on capabilities, culture and customer insights which define your brand and road ahead. We distill the essence of what is important to your audiences and use those insights — combined with a pragmatic grasp of operational reality and dose of big thinking — as the basis for understanding where the brand is and where it can go; how and by when — all while deepening the customer connection. It’s only when you connect with them in meaningful, relevant ways do you fuel growth, drive preference, gain wallet-share and command premiums.

Brightline understood our culture and quickly become a highly trusted and valued partner to drive the necessary change in our organization. Charles Lawrence, CEO, Secor Group

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